4-Year-Old Gives Sandwiches and Love To Homeless [VIDEO]

Delivering chicken sandwiches to the homeless is “just the right thing to do,” said 4-year-old Austin Perine of Birmingham, Alabama, in a video interview with a CBS Evening News reporter that’s gone viral.

Austin, who dresses up with a super hero cape for his weekly rounds among the homeless, tells each person, “don’t forget to show love” after he gives out a sandwich.

When Austin first learned that people were homeless, he asked his parents to dedicate all his allowance and money they’d spend on toys to buy chicken sandwiches to donate, according to CBS Evening News.

Austin also introduces himself as “President Austin.” Austin’s father, TJ Perine, said Austin believes it’s the president’s job to help feed the homeless.

“Feeding the homeless is the highlight of my life,” Austin said.

He’s also working to establish a shelter facility with hopes to expand nationwide, according to the boy’s Twitter account managed by his dad.

Austine Pirine Feeds Homeless



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