A Conversation on Integrating our Faith and Work   

It always seems to happen this way. Once Halloween hits, it’s as if California finally gets the memo to cool things down a bit. It was on this particular night, November 1, in the heart of Hollywood, that strangers from near and far and from all walks of life gathered at Reality LA’s Hope Center to discuss the topics of faith & work and how the two are so intricately woven into our stories as Christians.

James Ackerman, President and CEO of Prison Fellowship and Katherine Leary Alsdorf, Vice President of Faith and Work at Redeemer City to City NYC both shared their personal journeys of being adult converts and leading in their respective workplaces. They also discussed how they have found meaning and joy in their work and maintain a healthy short and long-term view of work while striving for success.

“Work is one of the ways we know we are human. We all have a skill set and without work, we can’t flourish,” remarked Katherine. “People are called to work, not just to provide for themselves, but to help the world flourish.”

When asked about finding direction when someone finds themselves at a standstill in their career, Katherine bravely said, “Fail young and fail fast.”

She also went on to say, “It’s easier for the head of a company to find meaning in work because you see your products in action impacting a customer’s life but if you’re further removed, it’s often harder to find meaning in the little piece of what you’re contributing to. So the disconnect that happens when people don’t have a sense of meaning in their work is really a disconnect from God’s purpose for us to help the world flourish.”



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