Interview with Michael Mata: A Holistic View of The Church’s Mission

It is easy to see the problems that persist throughout LA, much like every other urban center in the U.S. What is lesser-known, however, are the key players working day in and day out to renew the city and address those problems head-on. Michael Mata, a Community Impact Strategist, is one such player who offers unique insights into the homelessness problem in LA. Mata has been involved in urban planning,...

Tech, Meet Surf: The Rise of Silicon Beach

For years, “tech start-up” was almost synonymous with Silicon Valley. However, over the last decade or so, hundreds of tech giants and start-ups alike have expanded to Silicon Beach, where the sand and surf surround the entertainment capital of the world. It encompasses the greater Los Angeles area, and spans the western coastline of southern California, with concentrations in Santa Monica, Venice, Marina del Ray, Playa del Ray, Playa...