Brandon A. Cox

I wear several hats. My current roles include: Lead Pastor & Church Planter Grace Hills Church July 2011 – Present Editor & Online Community Facilitator / Saddleback Church July 2010 – Present Coach to Leaders, Pastor, & Church Planters Courage To Lead May 2016 – Present Conference Speaker & Consultant Leadership, Church Health, & Church Communications As Time Allows Web Design & Social Marketing Strategist I Design Websites and More As Time Allows

    The Best Leaders Are Broken Leaders

    I am broken. I lead a community of broken people called a church. And we often say, unapologetically, that we are a community of the broken who have good news for the broken. PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE Don’t misunderstand. I don’t mean that we’re “broken” in the sense that we’re rendered useless by our imperfections. The opposite is actually true. We’re made more useful, and we discover our greatest purpose through our pain...

    Here’s a Thought: Can I Really Speak Kindly to Everyone?

    In the 1989 film, Steel Magnolias, Clairee, the wealthiest woman in town, has a gossip problem. At one point she invites a friend into the conversation by saying, “If you can’t say anything nice about somebody, come sit by me.” By Brandon A. Cox We are taught as children to speak kindly of others. By adulthood, however, we’ve learned the skill of rationalization. We determine that some people just deserve to...

    8 Questions for Churches at a Crossroads

    One of our core values at Grace Hills is, “We stay fast, fluid, and flexible. There are no sacred cows. We embrace the pain of change for the win of seeing more people meeting Jesus.” I wrote that one knowing that of all of our other core values, it would probably be the hardest to honor over the long haul. It addresses the crossroads where theology meets psychology, where truth,...

    Time vs Capacity: One is Constant But We Can Expand the Other

    168. That’s it. You and I have exactly the same amount of time. Rich or poor, young or old, we each get 168 hours in a week’s time. With some of that, we need to rest, or we’ll get fewer total weeks in our short lives. With some of that time, we need to spend quality time with people, building friendships and relationships. And with some of that time, we work. Actually,...

    5 Ways to Lead the Next Generation and Avoid Becoming Obsolete

    Somehow we’ve gotten a little confused about the essence of leadership. If you think it’s all about getting bigger, going higher, and commanding more respect and attention from others, you’ve missed the point. Leadership is all about giving everything we’ve got to others. If we have knowledge, wisdom, and insight, we lead by giving it away. We grow by investing in others. There is an entire generation of up-and-coming leaders who...

    When God Awakens a City to Himself

    What does it look like when God awakens a city to Himself? When I say “city,” you can think community, or neighborhood, or metropolitan area, or whatever your context is. The point is the same… I love the picture of Philippi coming to know Jesus through Paul and his friends in Acts, chapter 16. On Saturday, one business woman named Lydia, a “seller of purple” came to faith in Christ along with...