Colton Curry

Colton Curry is the Social Justice Advocate for Together LA. He holds a B.A. in Practical Theology from Howard Payne University, and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Christian Ethics.

    Families Belong Together; DTLA Rally For Immigration Policy Reform

    A demonstration and prayer vigil about US immigration policy under intensified scrutiny organized by religious leaders of different faiths and denominations met outside the Downtown Los Angeles headquarters of ICE and the Department of Homeland Security on Thursday (6/21). BY COLTON CURRY I was fortunate enough to participate in this rally in support of immigration policy reform and to stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters who are being detained...

    Digging a Well in the Desert; Social Justice as Spiritual Sustenance

    I moved to Southern California about two and a half years ago to begin my seminary journey, during the worst drought on record. The rich California soil was all dried up, raging waterfalls were reduced to a trickle, and massive 100-year-old trees were dying from the inside out due to lack of water and nutrients to defend against bark beetles. BY COLTON CURRY Water that used to fall from the heavens...