Every Man Ministries

Every Man Ministries (EMM) was founded in 2000 by Kenny Luck to revolutionize men’s ministry, free men spiritually and ignite spiritual health worldwide. He is currently the Leadership Pastor at Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, California. Prior to Crossline, he was the Men's Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California from 1997-2014. Our mission is to create a movement of God’s men who are empowered to lead others on a meaningful journey into personal character and leadership, ultimately having a positive impact on generations of women, children and families.

Jesus Has Suffered Enough Says Ignite LA Men’s Conference Speaker

LOS ANGELES — Jesus has suffered enough said Every Man Ministries founder Kenny Luck, who will be speaking at Ignite LA, a two-day men’s conference at Desert Reign Church in Downey beginning this Friday (March 9) at 5 pm. Luck’s words come from the perspective of witnessing to a broken male culture. “Jesus has suffered enough,” he said recently at a men’s study (VIDEO BELOW) held at Crossline Community...

Who Really Sponsored the Las Vegas Shooter?

IGNITE LA MEN’S CONFERENCE For registration and more information go to the conference website: There is nearly 100 percent agreement from all political sides and viewpoints that the horrific tragedy that transpired in Las Vegas was an act of evil. So, why does so much of the reactionary movement since that event drift away from the root of the problem to focusing energy instead on gun control or racial perspective...

Could Today’s Activism Be Going in the Wrong Direction?

What is really going on in culture today, both practically and spiritually speaking? Could the rampant activism we see now be going in the wrong direction? Today’s problems don’t simply exist at a level that’s clearly visible to everyone and commonly talked about. They exist at another level. And really, the problems are only one problem — the heart of the guy who lacks character. The poor and wrong choices...

Passion to Ignite Spiritual Health – Every Man Show on Drive-Time

LOS ANGELES — Every Man Ministries’ founder Kenny Luck is excited to share with you that his message and passion to ignite men to spiritual and relational health is now available on the Every Man Show during afternoon drive time (3 pm) on KKLA 99.5 FM Monday-Friday. As both a local and national men’s ministry leader, and expert author who has fine-tuned his teaching on Biblical principles for two...

New ‘Stand Up and Fight’ Video Reveals Benghazi Hero’s Spiritual Battle  

After defending lives at the Battle of Benghazi, former special operative contractor Mark “Oz” Geist, not only had to deal with physical recovery from severe wounds, but had to fight to recover from emotional and spiritual wounds as well. In a new program video, Stand Up and Fight, by Every Man Ministries and produced by One Ten Pictures, released on Friday, Geist talks with founder Kenny Luck and co-host Anthony...

Nation Ripe For Alternative Solution to Unrest Says Every Man Ministries President

People living in cities and communities throughout the United States are ripe for an alternative solution to the current unrest in the nation and the answer does not lie within politics or culture, Every Man Ministries Pastor and President Kenny Luck recently said. NEWS RELEASE “At Every Man we believe that our nation is finally ready to address the chaos and dysfunction happening in our cities and communities. But the root...