Gem Fadling, Unhurried Living

As a Certified Spiritual Director, Gem Fadling enjoys walking alongside women as they grow in their spiritual life. In addition to leading retreats and blogging, Gem is the engine behind the resources produced by Unhurried Living.

    The Art of Listening: 5 Ways To Be Present

    Have you ever been with someone, and as they listened to you, you felt as though you were the only person in the room? The person listening had no sense of needing to be somewhere else. They had no sense of needing to interrupt you. They simply listened. How did that feel? On the other hand, have you ever been chatting with someone and you could tell they were only...

    What Do Zumba and Spiritual Formation Have in Common?

    I peered through the open door into the gym. The sound of salsa music filled the room. Women of all shapes and sizes were dancing to the rhythm and, at the same time, getting fit. I so wanted to join them, but my fear of looking foolish kept me from “salsa-ing” and “merengue-ing” the pounds off… When we began Unhurried Living, we pruned down our budget extremely tight. We got...