Karl Vaters

Hi I'm Karl Vaters and I'm a Small Church pastor. I pastor Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Fountain Valley, CA. I'm the author of The Grasshopper Myth and the founder of I also write the Pivot blog for CTPastors at If you're the pastor or leader of a Small Church, this is a place for you. You can also follow me on Twitter @KarlVaters.

Is Planting More Small Churches Greater Than Building Megachurches?

How did the church of Jesus grow for the first 1900+ years of its existence without any megachurches around? That’s how long it took for the first megachurches to appear on the landscape. They’re the new kid on the church block. Until the middle of the 20th century, the relentless growth of the church moved forward, not through growing bigger churches, but almost exclusively through the multiplication of smaller congregations....

Backyard BBQ Evangelism: True Story Of Outside-The-Church-Walls Ministry

We have to start letting go of some of our long-held ideas about church and ministry. Especially when it comes to evangelism and outreach. But it’s not always easy. Here’s a true story that illustrates that reality. (I’ve kept some details vague, and adjusted others slightly to protect the identity of the pastor and church in question.) The Backyard BBQ Recently, I was talking with a small church pastor who was upset at...