Kathleen Cooke

Kathleen Cooke's new devotional "Hope 4 Today" encourages readers to engage with God. As co-founder of Cooke Pictures and The Influence Lab, she publishes a monthly newsletter. Find out more at, or reach her on Twitter @KathleenRCooke.

    Lonely and Lost in Life’s Mess? Embrace the Solitude of Hope

    When my 6-year-old brother died on the operating table our family was confronted with horrendous grief. When I stuck my hand into the moving blades of a lawnmower disaster could have happened. When national guard troops were stationed at the end of our street because flood waters threatened to devastate our home, I got pretty scared. But I never lost Hope. In each situation I relied on a trusted relationship....

    The Casting Couch, Harvey Weinstein, and How to Navigate Inside Hollywood

    The phone rang. It was the TV commercial producer, and he wanted to know if I’d shoot the spot topless. I’d just been cast a couple hours before, but he’d “forgotten” to ask me before I left if I would film the commercial with only a bow tie and bikini bottoms. He said he had lots of requests over the years from customers who buy his industrial tools (the products...