My Heart is Breaking, My Blood is Boiling

My heart is breaking for the families of those murdered yesterday (2/14/18) by Nikolas Cruz in Parkland, Florida. Inner character was expressed in murderous conduct. A person — not policy or politics — committed this atrocity. In our pain, sadness and anger we lash out over events like this we can’t control by grabbing the nearest source to blame. We react. We go through a ritual of talking about gun control...

Men Like To Get Together, But Can They Go Beyond ‘It’s All Good, Bro?’

In a study by Men’s Health it was revealed that the top two ways men stay connected with friends are 1.) texting, and 2.) “get togethers.” The reason we prefer these ways are twofold: texting fits the factual, short, bottom line style of communication we appreciate and “get togethers” feed our need for closer, interpersonal camaraderie and connection with each other. Whether it’s just the guys or the guys with...

Fantasy Island: Every Man Ministries’ Founder on Porn Epidemic

One of the most popular TV shows of back in the 1970s was “Fantasy Island,” starring Ricardo Montalban playing the role of Mr. Roarke, a suave, tuxedo-clad host who, along with his sidekick, Tattoo, greeted his visitors by proclaiming: “Welcome, welcome to Fantasy Island.” Let’s talk about Fantasy Island. The story lines, weaving extravagant fantasies of the newly arrived quests, didn’t always work out the way they wanted. In fact, their fantasies...