Spencer T. Folmar

Director Spencer T. Folmar's theatrical debut, "Generational Sins," has spurred a national debate surrounding the interplay of faith and film.Folmar coined the term "Hard Faith" to describe this new genre of film, written for audiences who are hungry for hope in the midst of gritty real-life stories.Folmar's films are now released under his Los Angeles production company Hard Faith Films, which is currently developing several projects that will reflect today's multifaceted culture and audience.

    Storytelling and Life: When It’s Time To ‘Kill Your Darlings’

    Good storytelling sometimes requires the author to, as the industry saying goes, kill your darlings. BY SPENCER T FOLMAR I love this brutal expression. It is means that we have to get rid of our most precious, and especially self-indulgent, passages in a story for the greater good of the overall work. It is true for all storytellers, who in order to have the very best narrative, must sometimes cut away...

    When Hollywood Christians Come Together

    I attended seminary in the Bible Belt and know first-hand that seminarians love to debate theology. Sometimes these are important conversations we have to further deepen our understanding of our infinite God. Sometimes these conversations are rather tedious and get caught up more on semantics than intention. BY SPENCER T FOLMAR Even outside of seminary halls, it is easy to see how divided Christians can become. We need to look no...

    Inspiration Struck My Own ‘Beast in Me’

    Inspiration always comes from the supreme source — God. Although, like most phenomenons in life it is hard to pinpoint why or where specifically an idea comes from. I have written before about the calling of an artist to have omnivorous attentiveness and to always observe life with eager expectations. However, sudden inspiration is something that should be bottled immediately. BY SPENCER T. FOLMAR As an example, when I first began writing my next...

    An Artist’s Call For Omnivorous Attentiveness to the World Around Us

    When people ask me how many hours I work a week I find it a difficult question to answer as an artist. There is a calling on the artisan soul to always be awake to the story unfolding all around us second by second, detail by detail. BY SPENCER T. FOLMAR It is a necessity to have what I once heard CS Lewis had — an “omnivorous attentiveness” to the world around...

    God Doesn’t Waste Anything, Especially Our Stories

    God doesn’t waste anything. Humans waste a lot of things. Just look at our landfills and literal islands of garbage floating in the oceans. BY SPENCER T. FOLMAR But God, He doesn’t waste anything, especially our stories. Despite all of the devastating effects of the fall of mankind and the curse of sin on all facets of life and creation, God is still managing, dictating, and perfectly planning our paths. The Puritans...