Steve Lindsey

Steve leads the vision and overall ministry of the Center for Faith + Work Los Angeles. Prior to this position, Steve served as an aerospace executive at The Boeing Company managing satellite systems engineers and recently retired after 36 years with the company. Steve received his BS in Electrical Engineering from The University of Southern California, and a MS in Engineering from Loyola Marymount University. Steve also has served at multiple churches as elder, men's ministry leader, and teacher including in-depth study and research on the integration of faith and work and leading hundreds of workplace Bible studies. Steve is also completing the Colson Fellows Program with the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview.

    Theology of Work [VIDEO]; CFWLA Program Framework Fellows

    How Work Leads to Transformation in God’s Kingdom Dr. Art Lindsley, VP of Theological Initiatives at the Institute for Faith Work & Economics, describes how a proper theology of work explains how our work was designed to lead to “transformation in God’s Kingdom” and flourishing for this world. (This talk was given at the CFWLA 2018 Conference: God@Work) UPDATE – APPLICATION WINDOW EXTENDED We are still receiving applications for Framework Fellows, the flagship...

    Can’t Get No Satisfaction? Answers To Job Fulfillment

    Editor’s Note: Steve Lindsey is director of the Center for Faith + Work Los Angeles. CFWLA recently hosted its 2018 conference: God@Work (See photo of panelists during one of the sessions below). For more information about future events and classes: Piggybacking on a thoughtful blog recently posted by Hugh Whelchel titled Can Work be Truly Meaningful?, I’d like to explore how people seek satisfaction in their Jobs. There are...

    The Sacred Ordinary

    In getting a string of CFWLA (Center for Faith + Work Los Angeles) activities lined up for the year I’ve found myself recently buried in a long string of emails, phone calls, lists of details to follow up on, and scheduling coordination. On any given day I might finish a few of these or spend several hours doing tedious editing on a section of curriculum for one of our...

    Piles of Bureaucracy; Does God Care About Spreadsheets?

    Work has always been a tricky environment for me when it comes to dealing with questions like “How does God use what I do?” or “Does what I’m doing day in and day out really matter?” or “Am I making God’s world a better place?” What I spent most of my career years doing looks nothing like the work we do at church, on mission fields, in hospitals, or...