#ZEROby2020 Vision

The Zero by 2020 Vision: Find a family for every child in OC by 2020 and equip the church to support them. Every child needs a family. Right now there are hundreds of children in Orange County who are living outside the care of a loving permanent family to call their own.

    Advocacy For Foster Children Grows From Possum Trot to Orange County

    Bishop W.C. Martin, the man who led members of his small country church in Possom Trot, Texas, to collectively adopt 76 foster children, said he believes the Zero by 2020 initiative launched in Orange County, California, will lead to a national movement. Zero by 2020 is a collaborative initiative of Christian churches in Orange County with the goal of finding a family for every child in Orange County by 2020...

    2020 Vision: What Does ‘Getting to Zero’ Mean?

    What does “Getting to Zero” mean? Getting to Zero is the idea that we want to see zero children waiting for families here in our community — zero kids having to go to bed each night still praying for a mom and dad. No child should be left to wonder whether they are worthy of love. An ambitious plan to eliminate the number of vulnerable children without a caring family...