Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Reveals Must See TV [UPDATE]

UPDATE: WATCH NATIONWIDE BROADCAST EVENT – An exclusive look at how God used one man to share one message to millions, “Billy Graham – An Extraordinary Journey,” which aired last Sunday (3/4) on FOX (channel) will air again on SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 8-9 P.M. (ET) THIS TIME ON THE FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

A first-time screening of “Billy Graham – An Extraordinary Journey” was shown at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association breakfast meeting held at the NRB International Christian Media Convention Proclaim 18 this week. The outstanding documentary airs this Sunday night (March 4) at 7 p.m. ET on FOX.

There are fascinating segments on the Billy Graham Los Angeles Crusades and on Graham’s relationship with Martin Luther King Jr. There is also stunning footage and narration describing his stand and actions against the nation’s racial divide.

The documentary also contains a lot of other remarkable footage and narration.

In times such as the ones we live in today, this 45-minute documentary (without commercials) reminds us of what happens when one man does what God has called him to do.

Be sure not to miss “Billy Graham – An Extraordinary Journey!”

– Alex Murashko, Senior Editor

Together LA - Billy Graham - An Extraordinary Journey

Image from promotional trailer of Billy Graham – An Extraordinary Journey. The documentary shows again on FOX NEWS Sunday, March 11, 2018.



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