Building Relationships: The Cause Behind Strong Tower Ministries and the WetNWild5K

At first glance, it may appear to some that Strong Tower Ministries, based in Orange County, Central California, and Baja, Mexico is simply about providing construction labor and services for other, already established ministries in Mexico.

However, after more than a decade of serving orphans, youth, and families needing care up and down our neighboring country to the south, it is clear that God is using Strong Tower for so much more, including building relationships that reflect the love of Jesus.

This coming Saturday (August 5), the ministry is hosting its annual WetNWild5k in La Mirada, which is not only a fun event (race course includes a Lazy River run at the end) but a worthy cause. Current fundraising goes towards the completion of a Wellness Center (Siloé Ministries) in La Mision, Mexico.

UPDATE: More Than 1400 Participants Run, Wade The WetNWild5k Fundraiser For Children, Families in Baja; Photos on FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM (#wetnwild5k)

“Our mission is to help bring children out of danger, hunger, and terror by delivering them into God’s strong tower of safety, warmth and love,” Strong Tower organizers said. “It is our mission to change the world by delivering these children from extreme poverty, releasing them from spiritual emptiness, eliminating their illiteracy, and enabling them to fulfill their life’s purpose through God’s love.”

Strong Tower’s relationship with Siloé Ministries includes building the organization’s permanent home in the heart of the village it has served for the past 9 years. Since 2008, Siloé has provided free medical care and health education to thousands of needy patients from a tiny two-room clinic in La Mision.

“We’ve forged lasting relationships and earned our patients’ trust through our long-term commitment to this small agricultural community,” Siloé states.

“In addition to a well-equipped medical and dental clinic, the Center will also serve as a regional hub for health education, patient advocacy, Christ-centered family counseling, and medical-missions training,” organizers said. “The community center and outdoor gardens will provide a peaceful and safe setting for the families of La Mision to gather and share fellowship for generations to come.”

The 2017 WetNWild5K, to be held at SPLASH! La Mirada Regional Aquatic Center and Park features a grassy run through the 100 acre scenic park that is home to multiple cross country events that concludes with the race’s signature “lazy river” finish. “This is truly a ‘family friendly’ event as long as the kiddos are over 42″ in height,” organizers said.

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Strong Tower Ministries

More About Strong Tower Ministries

Towards the end of the summer of 2005, God laid it on the hearts of a small group of individuals, to start a ministry called Strong Tower. It was the result of trip taken into Mexico, by people who were willing to step out of their comfort zone and bring the message of our Lord Jesus to children. We are an established non-profit organization that focuses its efforts towards orphaned and destitute children living both within and outside our borders.

Our goal is to identify and reach out to Christ-centered organizations and ministries throughout the world, enabling them to have the resources needed to effectively bring change to the lives of children, exposing them to God’s love and grace, and enabling them to make a difference in the lives of others.

We are a serving ministry that exists to be a conduit between those with the resources and the heart for serving, to those with a need and where serving opportunities exist.




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