‘The Case For Christ’ Movie Producers Offer Leaders Links/Key Dates to Maximize Outreach

Lee Strobel, who wrote a best-selling book about his research into Jesus and how in the process of writing the book he was transformed from a skeptical legal beat journalist and atheist to a believer, said he is confident that the upcoming “The Case For Christ” movie (based on the book) will be a useful tool for churches.

“One pastor who saw the film (at a pre-screening…movie opens April 7) said it’s the greatest outreach movie of our generation. That might be an exaggeration, but I am convinced this film can be a great tool for churches to reach their communities for Christ this Easter season,” shared Strobel recently with Together LA. “I’m hoping churches will buy out theaters or blocks of tickets, challenge their congregation to invite their friends, and then encourage everyone to come back for Easter services at the church. That’s great spiritual synergy!”

The Case For Christ Movie

Mike Vogel plays Lee Strobel in “The Case For Christ.” Vogel’s credits include films and television series The Help, The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Poseidon, Cloverfield, and Under The Dome.

Producers recently released an online resource for church and ministry leaders that includes links to key events and dates prior to the movie’s (trailer below) opening in theaters nationwide on April 7.

In the Los Angeles area, an advanced screening of “The Case For Christ” for church leaders is set for the AMC Santa Anita 16 in Arcadia this coming Monday (February 27) at 7 pm. For details visit the Pure Flix Faith and Family Alliance webpage.

“People will find the movie very entertaining,” Strobel said. “In fact, we showed it to a test audience of 1,000 people and they stood and applauded at the end! But beyond that, the film also chronicles my spiritual journey from atheism to faith, exploring the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. I’m praying it will prompt a lot of people to begin their own spiritual investigation.”

But what about the bad rap Christian movies often get? Is this movie only for Christians?

“It’s true that some faith-based films in the past have been a little cheesy or cringe-worthy. But there’s none of that in this movie! We’ve got Academy and Tony Award winning actors and a powerful script by Brian Bird,” Strobel explained. “Our test audiences have shown that not just Christians, but non-Christians love the film as well! And we’ve had a strong response from both men and women, across a wide spectrum of ages. People love a great story that’s based on real events, especially when the film leaves them with something to think about.”

Church leaders interested in the movie’s resource page of links and key dates, click here: http://pureflixalliance.com/emails/key-dates-and-oppurtunities.html

The Case For Christ Movie

Award-winning actress Erika Christensen plays Lee Strobel’s wife, Leslie, in “The Case For Christ,” opening April 7.

Lee and Leslie Strobel are hoping church leaders will use “The Case For Christ” movie as an outreach tool.

Photos and Video: caseforchristmovie.pureflix.com



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