Catalyst West: Uncommon Fellowship; It’s Time For a Family Meeting [VIDEO]

From Catalyst West

It’s common in our culture to sort, divide, and exclude. To look out for ourselves, make it at all costs, and leave others in our wake.
But Jesus is building something uncommon.
Something that invites.
His fellowship is a household. A place where we belong to each other, look out for each other, and build each other up.

A place where individuals are celebrated, not sorted. In this family, we are included, fathered, encouraged.
Something that transforms.
He cultivates this fellowship with His Word. He recasts fractured desires with His own. He molds pride into humility.

He breathes into us, nurtures us, recreates us.
Something that sends.
His fellowship extends into the world. It transcends boundaries. Challenges darkness with hope.

Enters the public square with humility and redefines the contours of culture with truth.
For the Catalyst Leader, uncommon fellowship tells the story of our family. Uncommon fellowship possesses

the strength of our witness, bears the heart of God, and provides a signpost of the Kingdom to come.
It’s time for a family meeting.




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