Churches Gather to Fight Human Trafficking in LA

Los Angeles has one of the highest rates of human trafficking of any city in the US, said leaders from the Faith Initiative to Abolish Trafficking (FIAT), and churches across LA plan to come together to do something about it.

FIAT is a gathering of individuals and churches who have been called to fight human trafficking in LA. Meetings equip and connect existing ministries, provide mentoring and support for those looking to start, and network the entire faith community to be able to stand up to the tragedy of slavery in our midst, according to organizers

Members of the Southern California faith community meet quarterly to share what others are doing in their respective churches to fight trafficking. FIAT hosts powerful workshops where participants can be trained to be outreach advocates, learn how to raise awareness within their local context, help survivors, and more.

FIAT strives to be an inclusive movement without sacrificing orthodox theology. “To this end, our statement of faith is based upon the Apostle’s Creed,” organizers said. We also agree with the missional commitment and theology expressed in the 1974 version of the Lausanne Covenant.

The next gathering is planned for Saturday (April 22nd) at Harbor Christian Center in Wilmington. Join FIAT in the fight to end trafficking in our city.

Human Trafficking – It’s in Our Backyard, the Scope, Efforts

CARE 18, another organization aimed at stopping human trafficking, states that California is a hot spot for domestic human trafficking because of its large population, international borders, large economy, extensive ports, and metropolitan regions. The group also said that gangs and other criminal enterprises have learned that the sex trade and prostitution provide higher profits—an estimated $32 billion per year worldwide—with a lower penal and detection risk than drug or weapons trafficking.

Experts estimate that less than one percent of victims in Los Angeles have been identified. Only 8.5 offenders are convicted for every 100 victims identified, CARE 18 states.

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