Crowder on God, the Dodgers and Los Angeles

Well, maybe David Crowder didn’t talk specifically about the Dodgers, but there are players on the team that agree with his perspective on sports, the entertainment industry, and faith in God.

MLB All-Stars Clayton Kershaw, Adrian Gonzalez, and a couple of other Dodgers joined Crowder, a big name in the worship music genre, in being a part of Christian Faith Day. The postgame event was held after a game against the Colorado Rockies earlier this month.

Crowder spoke with TogetherLA from the Dodger dugout after his performance with his band.

“First of all, to have access on a platform like this, you know, people are coming to the game, they got lots of stuff wrapped up in the entertainment side of it, but also there’s passion that’s directed towards an event,” Crowder told TogetherLA. “To take that energy and point it in a direction that I feel is worth giving your life to and leveraging what you’ve been given on planet earth and to be a part of a group of people that believe in the same thing on the field and what they’ve been given. That’s the best we can do.

“God puts stuff in your hands and as long as you keep your hands open, that’s OK. He’ll put stuff in and He’ll take stuff away. As long as you keep your hands open. That’s the way I’m getting by, anyways.”

TLA Crowder



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