Erwin McManus Gives Invitation to 5-Week Conversation About Life’s Toughest Questions

Pastor Erwin McManus of Mosaic Church in Los Angeles is launching a new series called “Life’s Toughest Questions.”

After having the opportunity to talk to thousands of people about faith, McManus said, in the video introducing the 5-week sermon series that begins this Sunday (April 23), that he’s discovered that for some people, it’s the big questions they have difficulty with, such as: “How can I know there is a God? How can I know that Jesus is who he says he is?”

He said that for some people it’s a very intimate journey in which people ask, “Why has this happened to me? Why has God allowed me to go through this pain and suffering?”

He adds, “For some people it’s the fear of death. For others it’s the struggle of life.”

These tough questions and issues are part of a conversation “that all of us are having, but sometimes we are having it alone, and we need to be having it together,” he said.

Mosaic Church states in a post about the series: If you have a question that is keeping you from stepping into a relationship with God, or you know somebody that is grappling with the tough questions of life, we want to invite you come and be a part of the conversation!

The church wants you to submit your questions at

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