Evangelism Summit’s Common Ground: The Gospel Message

Whatever the denomination or worship style, there shouldn’t be any disagreements when it comes to the message participants will share at the Evangelism Summit planned for Saturday (June 2), organizer Walter Jacobson said.

TLA - Walter J Jacobson“At these evangelism events I haven’t found that there’s a clash between theologies and denominations, especially if you’re talking about how to share the gospel and disciple people,” Jacobson told Together LA. “Talking about a topic like this is something that we can all get together and discuss without anyone feeling uncomfortable.”

In its second year, the summit includes several speakers and worship leaders, and is aimed at bringing together a diverse group on a regular basis in order to share from “our collective experience, the tools that we have used in the field.” The vision also includes working with individual churches to help them grow and thrive in doing the great commission.

Jacobson said that at first, he was reluctant to host such an event upon receiving the vision just a few years ago. Despite his uncertainty, it seems God has been putting people in his life that have helped him overcome any felt inadequacies, he said.

In addition to finding organizational support from new and old friends, Jacobson has aligned seasoned speakers and highly respected worship artists for the Evangelism Summit to be held at LifeVine Ministries in Long Beach.

Guest speakers include:

John Hendee
Hendee, who is the author of It’s All About Relationship, is scheduled to share how to approach friends, family and acquaintances with the Good News of Jesus Christ in a simple and effective life-changing way.

Richard Rincon
Rincon is an instructor at the Crossmont Bible Institute of Hope University and pastor of Eklessia Del Pacto De Cristo. He plans to talk about the topic of the Covenant of Christ and how we play a part in it.

Emeal Zwayne
Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne is the President of Living Waters, the official spokesman for the National Bible Bee organization, and a cohost of the National Bible Bee Gameshow. He serves as the Executive Producer of the “Way of the Master” television program and all Living Waters films. A dynamic communicator, he speaks at conferences and churches nationally and around the world.

Bruce Koch
Koch is a contributor to the Perspectives study program as a class coordinator, author, editor and lecturer. He has helped national initiators to launch Perspectives study programs in 32 countries.

William Lee
Lee is the pastor of LifeVine Ministries and will talk about intentional discipling. “Can we make disciples that make disciples that make disciples?” He answers other questions as well, such as “Is it possible to live out The Gospel that lives in us?”

For more information about the Evangelism Summit, including additional speakers and the worship artists scheduled to lead worship click here.

Questions? Email Walter Jacobson: logisticsconsultantt@gmail.com

Photo(above): Walter Jacobson

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