Greg Laurie on FOX and Friends: ‘It Could’ve Been a Book About Butterflies’

Pastor Greg Laurie has been responding all week to the news that broke on Monday that SoCal Harvest promotional banners were taken down because of the offensive “imagery” (Laurie holding Bible) from a landmark Orange County mall. On Thursday, Laurie appeared on FOX & Friends with Ainsley Earhardt.

“It’s a photo of me holding a Bible,” Laurie told show host Earhardt. “You can’t tell it’s a Bible. I’m not hiding the fact that it’s a Bible, but if you want to get technical, I’m literally holding a black book up … It could have been a book about butterflies.”

A segment of the FOX & Friends national TV show with Earhardt in which Laurie talks about the importance of the Bible is below. would love to hear your thoughts on this subject. Post your comments below.

TLA - SoCal_Greg_Bible_2



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