Greg Laurie Launches #StandWithTheBible Rally Cry After Billboard Controversy

This year, evangelist Greg Laurie is asking those planning to attend the annual SoCal Harvest event at Angel Stadium (Aug 17-19) to not only bring unsaved friends or family members, but to bring a Bible. The campaign began as the result of a billboard removal controversy that over the last week has drawn national media attention.

The Irvine Company, which removed the billboards promoting the Christian outreach event from the Fashion Island mall located in Newport Beach, has yet to make a public statement on the controversy and has only said that the company has apologized to Harvest.

In a recent post on Facebook, Laurie said:

You may have heard about the SoCal Harvest Billboard Controversy where a prominent local mall took down our billboards after receiving multiple complaints and at least one “serious threat.”

If you agree that we all need to #standwiththeBible join us in sharing the Gospel with at least one person today, and inviting friends to join us at SoCal Harvest Aug 17-19. has been tracking the story since it began here:

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