Most Disturbing Harvey Weinstein News is Employees Sworn to Secrecy, Says Gretchen Carlson

The most disturbing fact to come out of the news of sexual harassment by Harvey Weinstein is that his company required employees to agree to keep his deplorable actions a secret, said former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson recently.

“Once again we have the revelation that for 30 years a powerful man has harassed women and the companies they run have enabled it, covered it up, and shut up the victims,” Carlson, who said she’s been a Christian for as “long as she can remember,” told The Lily. “This happens in all industries and it must stop. Most disturbing is that fact that this company required employees to agree to secrecy before they were even hired. Women who are brave enough to complain about harassment are forced to sign confidentiality agreements. So, the harassers are free to harass again, sometimes for decades, and the women are forever silenced.”

The Lily introduced its interview story with Carlson this way:

After 11 years with Fox News, host Gretchen Carlson was dismissed from the network in June 2016. Two weeks after being fired, Carlson made headlines when she sued then-Fox News chief Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. The suit prompted an internal investigation of Ailes’s interactions with women throughout the company.

The controversy quickly mounted.

Just weeks after the Carlson filing, Ailes was out of a job, though he left with a princely sum. Later in the summer, Carlson secured a $20 million settlement from Fox News’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, as well as an apology.

Carlson continues to speak out about her experiences at the network and this week, her new book, “Be Fierce,” was released.

When asked about her efforts to empower women, Carlson said she is donating all proceeds from the book to her “Gift of Courage” fund. Also, as part of her foundation’s work, she is partnering with the All In Together Campaign, a nonpartisan women’s civic leadership organization, on the Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative to empower and train underserved women to get involved in civic and political leadership — and to have a voice, she told The Lily. “I’ve always believed that when women’s voices are heard, on an equal footing, whether that’s in local communities or the halls of Congress, change can happen. The GCLI will hold workshops in nine cities across the country in 2017–18 and also offer women in lower socioeconomic statuses helpful counseling on domestic violence and sexual harassment.”

Gretchen Carlson on Harvey Weinstein



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