Have Christians Lost Their Credibility? TLA Stories of the Week

Today, while doing TLA Stories of the Week (below) I realized that we should talk more often about how us Christians (as a whole and as individuals) are perceived. Another words, let’s talk credibility.

Sure, it’s not healthy to focus too much on what other people think of us, but like a football coach showing game films (video) of Sunday’s game on Monday to his team, the practice of reviewing an analyzing can be very helpful.

So, where do we start?

Let’s start by taking a look at an article recently published at TogetherLA: The Shocking Reasons Christians Have Lost Credibility in Today’s Culture.

So, have we lost our credibility?

Is it our job to change the culture? Is changing the culture part of the Great Commission? Why or why not?

Will deepening our prayer life “do the trick?”

Will showing up at church make a difference?

How about reading the Bible? Will that help change culture?

As stated in the article, LifeWay Research found that 40% of churchgoing Christians read the Bible “once a month, rarely or never.” That means when it comes to the primary book informing us about the God of the universe, His remarkable and unfolding plan for our lives, and our eternal destiny, Christians think so little of it that we read it only when it’s convenient. Maybe it’s time we rediscovered the power of God’s Word.

How about politics? Can we change culture through our politics?

The authors of The Way Back say we need to be careful with politics. “Vote, join a party, run for office. But keep the Church above the process. Think about it – the country is pretty evenly divided between parties, so when we drag the gospel into party politics, we’ve immediately alienated half of the country. How does that help the cause of Christ?”

It is the cause of Christ we are talking about here.

Perhaps we start by caring what Jesus Christ cares about.

Let’s have this conversation! Please leave comments below.



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