Hollywood Power Couple’s Success Story Started as Immigrants Holding Humbling Jobs

TV and film producers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are known as the husband and wife duo responsible for some of the most popular faith-based entertainment of late, creating “The Bible,” “A.D.” and “Son of God,” among other projects.

But just as captivating as the stories they tell on the big and small screens are their intriguing personal back stories. Did you know both Burnett and Downey took some surprising jobs after they immigrated to America? Both shared their very personal — and inspirational — stories earlier this year during a keynote address at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Burnett, who has gone on to produce shows like “Survivor,” “The Voice” and “The Apprentice,” described how his first job after leaving Britain and moving to Los Angeles in 1982 was as a live-in nanny. Saying he had no real skills at the time, Burnett, then 22, responded to an ad for the job, which paid $125 per week and included a room, a car and a TV.

Considering his newfound arrival in the U.S., Burnett was desperate — and was surprised when he landed the gig (he also sold T-shirts in Venice Beach, California, to make ends meet)….




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