Millennial Vision Caster Answers Call to Mobilize 15,000 for Revival in LA

Dustin Lang, who is an education pastor at Young Nak Celebration Church, has a vision to mobilize 15,000 Christians from different churches, backgrounds, and ethnicities to begin praying for and proclaiming the gospel to Los Angeles.

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Lang, 30, is seeking revival in L.A.

His vision includes leading a group called Revival LA which helped facilitate a gathering of “believers who are desperate for a revival in Los Angeles” at Bel Air Presbyterian Church on Friday (Oct. 20).

Those in attendance worshiped, listened to preaching, prayed, and experienced the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, organizers said. Information about how to get involved with Revival LA was also shared

Pastor Josh Thompson (Legacy City Church) was the scheduled speaker and worship was led by The Bookouts.

TogetherLA had a chance to interview Lang via email recently. Our questions and his answers are below.

TogetherLA: Tell me a little about yourself.

Dustin Lang: I grew up with everything – comfort, good friends, loving family, and success – but felt so empty. In my 8th grade summer before entering high school, I realized that this void could only be filled by Jesus. At this time, God drew me to Him, convicting me of my brokenness and need for a Savior. And in 9th grade, I gave my life to the Lord. Everything changed.

I serve as the Vision Caster for Revival LA. I also serve as the Education Pastor at Young Nak Celebration Church.

TLA: How did Revival LA start? How did you become involved?

Lang: Revival LA started in the summer of 2014. In an extended season of prayer, God began expanding my heart. Instead of solely carrying a burden for my local church, I began experiencing a deep desire to see revival take hold of Los Angeles. During this same time, I also developed a discontentment over my ministry. It wasn’t that I disliked serving. I loved it. But I was always disappointed in the responses I heard. They complimented our programs, the preaching, and the professionalism. However, there was nothing said about God’s power. It was then that God convicted me to hold a worship service for 500 (I served in a church where the average midweek attendance was 25). I didn’t know how this would be possible. But I stepped in faith, prayed, and spread the word. That night 500 people came. 40 gave their lives to Jesus, the majority recommitted their lives, and people were healed of chronic illnesses. When the event was over, people were in awe. I finally had a response that seemed fitting for people who experienced the transformative power of the gospel.

After this event, I was driving through Los Angeles when God placed a conviction on my heart. Instead of 500, the number was 15,000. God called me to mobilize 15,000 believers from different churches, backgrounds, and ethnicities to begin praying for and proclaiming the gospel to LA. I had seen ministries that held large events in Los Angeles. These were invaluable in creating momentum in the church. However, I wanted to form a ministry for Christians in Los Angeles who would commit themselves year after year to pray and share the gospel in LA. That’s how Revival LA was born.

TLA: Who is the core team made up of?

Lang: Our core team is currently made up of 4 individuals. Jennifer Lee (also my soon to be wife) is our Communication Director. She oversees all forms of communication from social media to emails to advertising. Andrea Valani is our Event Coordinator. She sets up for our events and will soon be co-leading our ministry team of volunteers. Peter Robinson is our Videographer. He creates videos for our social media and web platforms.

TLA: Why is Revival LA important?

Lang: Revival LA is important because Los Angeles needs revival. The church is not growing as quickly as other religions and this is a problem. Revival LA aims to spark a fire for the gospel to be preached, prayer to be sown, and a city to be revived. We are committed to the city and will continue serving until our vision is fulfilled.

TLA: Why is Revival Night important?

Lang: Our Revival Night is aimed at bringing new life to non-Christians and renewed life to Christians. We want to mobilize an emerging generation to develop a burden for prayer and evangelism. On this night, we’ll come together as one church to lift up our Lord and Savior. We’ll also be sharing exciting news of how people can become a part of the Revival LA movement.

TLA: What would you like to see happen as the result of Revival Night?

Lang: I would love to see souls saved, hearts set on fire, and a city shaken through prayer.

TLA: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Lang: If people would like to get involved, they can do so through this link:



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