Strong ‘D’ – New Online Bible Study Starts – LIVE STREAM

Join Pastor Kenny Luck as he starts his new online series, “Strong D” Thursday (7/19/18) morning 6:45 PT on Every Man Ministries Facebook Page.

“Strong “D” is usually a description we use in the area of sports. Championship teams are characterized by high power offenses and strong defenses — strong D,” said Luck, the founder of Every Man Ministries and author of Dangerous Good.

“In the spiritual life you have to have a strong D as well, but the “D” stands for discipline, where you take possession of your energy in a moment and you say no to your fears and your feelings and your comfort, and you say yes to doing what you know you ought to do because you love God.

“Are you known for your strong D? The Bible says you can’t love God without it and he wants to take you to a new level of self discipline and impact through his Spirit today.”

Luck can be seen live every Thursday morning at 6:45 am PT on the Every Man Ministries Facebook Page,, streaming from his men’s Bible study at Crossline Community Church in Laguna Hills, California.

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TLA - Strong D - Fearsome Foursome

Los Angeles Rams “Fearsome Foursome” defensive ends David “Deacon” Jones and Lamar Lundy, defensive tackles Merlin Olsen and Roger Brown pursue in a 34 to 10 win over the Baltimore Colts on December 17, 1967 at Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles. – File Photos (AP Photo/NFL Photos)



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