Photo of the Week: The Escape Home in a Blur

About the photo

John Fredricks

I park about half a mile from my office, and pass through a dark alley connecting several restaurants on the way back to my car. During this time, many chefs working earlier shifts make their escape home to end the day. This particular chef and I were both in a hurry to get the drive in traffic during the commute home over with, which is why I thought the blur of a longer exposure in my Leica camera worked, capturing another moment of the LA hustle.

John Fredricks is a freelance photographer and journalist based in the Los Angeles area. Lord willing, he said, he hopes to impact a generation through a visual medium, and put the spotlight on subjects around the world. He likes to get his boots dirty in the storytelling process.

Editor’s Note: Photo of the Week is a regular feature of Together LA that looks to engage photographers in a community of others wanting to share their passion for capturing Los Angeles and its many faces. To submit a photo or suggest a photo story idea, please email



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