Pray for those who want to leave L.A.

Pray for those who come to Hollywood and get consumed by loneliness, discouragement and fear, and then leave L.A. defeated. For those who leave, it comes down to the same reasons: L.A. is full of transient, superficial people and it’s hard to find friends; the traffic is horrible; people care more about their careers than about each other; it’s too big, too scary, too lonely, and too isolating. We have found through the years that the most successful weapons of the enemy are isolation, discouragement, and fear. Pray for God to help authentic, encouraging communities and friendships flourish in the entertainment industry and that our Christian community in Hollywood will be more empowered to be at the forefront of making L.A. feel like a place of belonging for those who are lonely. As you pray, watch these videos below by people who have decided to move away.



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