Santa Fe High School Shooting: Evil Begins in the Mind

When we see “senseless” acts of murder like the one we saw on Friday at Santa Fe High School we have to remember that a process of thought actually made “sense” of this to the one doing the murdering. That is where evil begins – in the mind. A lie regarding how to best resolve an inner dilemma is considered, accepted, internalized and acted upon.


In this case, the lie that was believed led to the behavior of murdering innocents who God created and loved. Beliefs drive behaviors which is why troubled, uncomforted and deeply distressed minds are vulnerable to evil suggestion. Jesus Christ told us who is behind this mental process and product of human behavior when he called the Dark One a “liar” and “murderer from the beginning.”

As a former mental health professional and pastor who has interviewed thousands of deeply troubled individuals in the verge of both suicide and homicide, there is no escaping the reality that a baseline of relentless negative emotions creates an inner vulnerability to homicidal suggestion.

Aggressive gun control cannot address this true dilemma at the root of incidents like Friday’s shooting. The problem seldom exists at the level at which we finally see it and this is the case every time murder is thrust into the spotlight. Unfortunately, the predictable cycle of reactions by politicians, pundits and activists will not address the root cause which is the presence and reality of evil.

All faith-filled believers should see the reality, pray for the families, and increase their spiritual ministries to the uncomforted and vulnerable among us. Christ’s pervasive love and purpose in the midst of (not in the absence of) adversity redeems people from being hopeless, helpless and vulnerable to the lie that murdering another human being is their last best option.

Kenny Luck is currently the Leadership Pastor at Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, Calif. He was previously the Men’s Pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif. from 1997-2014 and is an expert in the field of men’s issues. He is also the Founder and President of Every Man Ministries which helps churches worldwide to develop and grow healthy men’s communities with the goal to end child abuse, fatherlessness and protect women and children.

TLA - Santa Fe High School

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