‘Saturate SoCal’ To Deliver Jesus Film DVD Pack To 4 Million Homes

ANAHEIM, Calif. — More than 200 Christian leaders learned of a plan to mobilize hundreds of churches and thousands of volunteers to spread the gospel to all the people living in the 364 zip codes found in Los Angeles and Orange counties at a kickoff meeting hosted by Christ for All Peoples on Tuesday.

TLA - Saturate SoCal - handshakeOrganizers said “Saturate SoCal” is part of a nationwide strategy (Saturate USA) to deliver a free copy of three Jesus Films on one DVD to 60 million homes in the U.S. (4 million in LA and Orange counties) by 2020. The three films are Magdalena – Through Her Eyes, The Life of Jesus – Greatest Story Ever Told, and The Story of Jesus – Through the Eyes of Children. Leaders said the package which includes the DVD, will be distributed by mostly a door-to-door approach by volunteers.

Apologist Josh McDowell, who was the keynote speaker at the gathering, said the Saturate USA initiative is critically needed for the times we live in.

McDowell pointed to today’s culture, which he says has redefined the meaning of “truth,” as a reason gospel proclamation is desperately needed. Truth has become more about personal feelings and opinion, he said. The Jesus film DVD package can counter the current anti-truth movement by introducing the gospel.

“The Jesus film combines one of the most powerful resources for today’s culture,” he said. “It’s straight out of the text of Luke, but it’s [also] visual with the truth teller telling the story. There’s nothing out there more effective than the text of scripture with the visualization. Text and visual.”

A key component to the package will be an insert that includes information on a local church, organizers said.

“We are casting out our vision here today,” said Scott Baller, who is Christ for All Peoples’ CFO. He told TogetherLA that the meeting held at the Anaheim Marriott was about launching the idea to leaders and organizations so that by July 6th “we can get this thing going and saturate so we can get all 364 zip codes in LA and Orange County.”

TLA - Saturate USA - Saturate SoCal“Saturate Orlando” will be the first of the city movements that will make Revival 2020 a reality, organizers say on their website. “It brings together Christian organizations, churches and volunteers in a bond of unity and love with the singular purpose of reaching 750,000 homes in Orlando with the Jesus film DVDs in one month.”

More than a half-million homes have already received the DVD package in Orlando where the movement was launched on March 3, according to the Christ for All People Facebook page.

The packages are assembled by volunteers organized by churches in the areas for distribution. The “Saturate” process is not complicated, organizers said.

“We tend to get really complex with things and as a lay person that’s not a pastor I [sometimes] get overwhelmed with all the things I have to do, including getting trained,” Baller said. “This plan is really simple. You don’t have to be trained. If you want to make it more complex you can” by doing more than simply dropping off packages.

The free DVD packages assembled by people from local churches can include whatever the churches decide on, but are only required to include a letter with contact information for the church in the area participating. Christ for All Peoples does not promote its ministry in the material included.

“The key is that we are not about an organization,” Baller said. “ We are just willing to partner with other organizations and do this.”

Photos: Christ for All Peoples/Saturate USA

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