City Transformation and Social Justice Start With Dangerous Good

The model for positive transformation taking place in a city has already been provided by Jesus and a movement of “dangerous good.”

The belief that issues such as violent crime, homelessness, dissolved families, and the abuse of women can be resolved by simply providing more of the commonly applied tactics falls woefully short of what a movement of men led by the Holy Spirit can accomplish, author and men’s ministry leader Kenny Luck said recently.

“City transformation is documented in the Book of Acts,” said Luck in his Every Man Ministries vlog (SEE BELOW). “Matthew 11:20 tells us that Jesus did miracles in a city when he wanted to create repentance, to produce a change of heart toward belief in Him as the son of God and salvation.

“This was his city transformation model. He wanted cities to repent. He provided tangible miracles as evidence of his power that were easily seen in demonstrable ways.”

Together LA - City Transformation Dangerous GoodIt is this model that begins with individual men, small groups, and movements that can provide positive results in cities such as Los Angeles today.

“There are social justice issues that will not be resolved by money, education, more politics or more activism,” Luck said. “They will be resolved by transformed men who stop buying prostitutes, who start fathering their families, who stop beating their women, who stop committing violent crimes and felonies, who stop killing each other, who stop divorcing and start staying with their women, and start bringing life and health to their city on a large scale.”

He explains that the men documented in the Bible (Acts) who became followers of Christ became spirit filled and in this process they started changing, enabling them to “love, heal, and bring God’s justice in the city.”

He adds, “The miracle people witnessed in the city of Jerusalem was men taken over by the Holy Spirit and that created a tsunami of salvation and collateral blessing and transformation across that city.”

In addition, opposition from others came then and will now. Such a movement of activated Christ followers in today’s times will produce “a massive blowback by evil.” As Luck said, “They go together.”

To counter the opposition and tackle social injustice it will take a “dangerous good movement of spirit empowered men” or a movement of “dangerously good men,” Luck said.




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