Stadia and World Impact Offer Urban Church Planting Vision Trips To LA, NYC

The national and global church-planting group, Stadia, wants to give Christian leaders and potential leaders “a front row view of urban church planting in action” at vision trips planned for Los Angeles (Aug. 15-17) and New York City (Sept. 19-21).

“Come spend time with us and World Impact as we experience what God is doing through new urban churches,” Stadia’s Urban Church Planting Vision Trips organizers said. “Get an up-close perspective of how the partnership works and how you can join us.”

Stadia and World Impact said they are making the trips as accessible as possible by offering two options, one on each coast.

“We’ll cover your food and accommodations; you’ll just need to get yourself there,” they said.

“During these Urban Church Planting Vision Trips you will get to know World Impact church planters as well as Bob Engel, National Director of Church Planting for World Impact” and “spend time learning how God is using Stadia and World Impact to reach under-resourced cities.”

Organizers plan for those attending to walk the communities where Stadia and World Impact will be planting future urban churches.

“From One World Trade Center (NYC) and Griffith Observatory (LA), you’ll hear World Impact and Stadia’s vision to transform urban poor communities for Christ,'” they said.

Every Child Has a Church

Stadia states that it has had “the honor of helping hundreds of great leaders start new churches.”

“With these leaders, we share a passionate desire to see a world where every child will experience the love of Jesus Christ through local church,” the organization states on its website.

In the trips announcements, Stadia asks, “Are you a leader who is ready to invest in the next generation through church planting? Do you know someone who is?

“Stadia is ready to help! Because we won’t stop … until Every Child Has a Church.”

To learn more about the vision trips and to register click here.

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