Stadia: Every Child To Experience Love of Jesus Through a Local Church

Stadia, a national church planting organization that places children as a priority, is working on its tenth collaborative church plant in the Los Angeles area, said executive Nathan Hawkins.

“I get to visit a lot of great cities and there’s something unique about Los Angeles,” said Hawkins during a recent Together LA Facebook Live video stream (below). “I do believe it’s an epicenter of culture. It’s a place where people come to make things happen and it’s a space where church is needed. There’s a lot of great churches already here in Los Angeles and there’s a need for more.”

In a previous interview with TLA, a Stadia representative said that simply discussing the problems and issues facing America today, even from a Christian perspective, is not enough.

“We really don’t have to look much farther than social media and news outlets [to see] everything going on in our culture — the racism, the injustice…,” said Jeff Bennett, who is a Stadia executive for its U.S. Church Planting and South Region divisions. “We can talk about the injustices, we can talk about the discouragement we feel, or we could do something.”

Leaders said the organization has had the honor of helping hundreds of great leaders start new churches. “With these leaders, we share a passionate desire to see a world where every child will experience the love of Jesus Christ through the local church,” Stadia said on its website. “Are you ready to invest in the next generation by partnering and/or planting with Stadia? Do you know someone who is? Stadia is ready to help! Because we won’t stop … until Every Child Has a Church.”

Hawkins was asked about the Los Angeles Church Planting Movement that Stadia has been a part of since its inception several years ago. He pointed to LACPM as another way for churches to come together, network, and see the gospel advance.

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TLA - Nathan and Alex - Stadia

Stadia Regional Executive Nathan Hawkins (R) talks to Together LA Editor Alex Murashko. (TLA Facebook/Screen grab)



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