Steve McQueen American Icon DVD Includes Bonus Content By TogetherLA

The story of how the missing stunt car from the classic film “Bullitt” as captured by TogetherLA is part of the fantastic bonus content included in the Special Limited Edition DVD of “Steve McQueen: American Icon – The Untold True Story of the Spiritual Quest of a Hollywood Legend” available now.

The bonus video produced by TogetherLA and One Ten Pictures includes an interview of car renovator Ralph Garcia, Jr., with Pastor Steve Wilburn discussing the car’s discovery and authentication process in Mexico. The interview was done in the production room of So Cal Harvest with Greg Laurie at Angel Stadium this summer.

“The story of the found Bullitt car is of immense interest to those in the classic car community,” said Gary Zelasko, Producer at Harvest Fellowship. “I personally find it amazing that 37 years after Steve McQueen’s death, even his ordinary, worldly personal possessions routinely sell for large sums at auction. The fact that Ralph Garcia wants to use this car, lost for nearly fifty years to glorify the Lord and bring lost people to Him is truly Providential.”

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In the bonus video, Pastor Steve Wilburn of Core Church LA, who was part of the team sent to Mexicali during the authentication trip, enthusiastically leads Garcia in the telling of the story.

“When Pastor Steve told me the story the day before we filmed at Harvest, I knew he was the guy to drive the interview before the cameras,” TogetherLA Editor Alex Murashko said. “His enthusiasm and incredibly detailed story telling about the Bullitt car is fascinating.”

For the film, Greg Laurie partnered with the Erwin Brothers (Woodlawn and Moms’ Night Out) to tell McQueen’s amazing faith journey. An avid fan of the actor (and the owner of a replica of Steve McQueen’s car in the classic film Bullitt), Laurie and his mint Mustang hit the road in search of the true, untold story of McQueen’s redemption-filled final chapters.

TogetherLA in association with One Ten Pictures helps facilitate the conversation about what’s good in L.A. Through articles on and videos produced by One Ten Pictures, the hope is that a behind-the-scenes force focused on following God’s work, not leading it, could further catalyze the impact of ministry workers and church leaders all over the city.

Steve McQueen: American Icon can be purchased on the Harvest website and other locations.

Bullitt with Steve and Ralph

Steve Wilburn and Ralph Garcia Jr. talk about the discovery and restoration story of the ‘Bullitt’ care used in the Steve McQueen classic movie. (PHOTO:

Together LA Steve McQueen American Icon



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