An Artist’s Call For Omnivorous Attentiveness to the World Around Us

When people ask me how many hours I work a week I find it a difficult question to answer as an artist. There is a calling on the artisan soul to always be awake to the story unfolding all around us second by second, detail by detail. BY SPENCER T. FOLMAR It is a necessity to have what I once heard CS Lewis had — an “omnivorous attentiveness” to the world around...

Bizzle Testimony Includes Pimpin to Support Rap Dream

Bizzle. We ran across this exciting artist while learning about The Legacy Los Angeles Conference planned for Biola University on April 1st. From his bio, we discover that the Los Angeles raised M.C. Bizzle (born Mark J. Felder) wrote his first rap verse at no older than 8 years old and also started writing R&B around that same time. Now at 31 years old, he has over 20 years under...