Men Standing Against Trafficking (MSAT) – South LA

What is the point? – We stand at or near trafficking hotspots to raise awareness in these communities that this is happening so they too will engage in the fight against it. – We stand as witnesses against the perpetrators in our community who are paying money to have sex with trafficking victims (many of them underage…or were when they were coerced into it). – We provide a first experience and next...

Human Trafficking: Churches Must Move Beyond Awareness

Although the Church excels in bringing awareness to the gravity of human trafficking it must do a better job of mobilizing people to strategically fight the problem, said author and social justice advocate Danielle Strickland recently. “I think the commodification of human beings is one of the gravest and most intense issues of our time,” Strickland told TogetherLA (VIDEO BELOW) before she spoke on stage at Catalyst West in Irvine...