Houston, We Have a Problem; The ‘Others’ Are Everywhere

The Others are everywhere. They lurk around every corner, in every mall, and in every restaurant and school. They serve you at theaters, teach your kids, take your money at the bank, and pour your coffee. Can you feel it? BY BOB FABEY Editor’s Note: This article is an excerpt from Bob Fabey’s book NotMyJesus taken from the “Houston, We Have a Problem” chapter with permission. Fabey’s commentary is also...

America, Fireworks and Jesus

I grew up during the Cold War. Tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union were high as each side vied for the upper hand around the globe. In a frantic effort to keep the other side from ‘winning,’ conflicts and wars would begin to stem the tide of Communism or to stop Democracy in its tracks. Threats were made, shoes were pounded, and missiles were placed. A...