Every Man Ministries: Male Strength Under Attack

  Male strength is under assault in today’s culture. Strength without character is in the news everyday and it makes men appear appear just dangerous. But what does strength with character look like and would the world welcome it? We need strong men but the right kind of strong men – men who are strong and good. Dangerous Good: The Coming Revolution of Men Who...

Jesus Has Suffered Enough Says Ignite LA Men’s Conference Speaker

LOS ANGELES — Jesus has suffered enough said Every Man Ministries founder Kenny Luck, who will be speaking at Ignite LA, a two-day men’s conference at Desert Reign Church in Downey beginning this Friday (March 9) at 5 pm. Luck’s words come from the perspective of witnessing to a broken male culture. “Jesus has suffered enough,” he said recently at a men’s study (VIDEO BELOW) held at Crossline Community...

The Harvey Weinsteins and Broken Male Culture Can No Longer Hide

Discussions about Harvey Weinstein, the #MeToo campaign, and all points inbetween continue to demonstrate the ripple effect well after it was revealed that one of Hollywood’s most powerful men abused women as part of a hideous routine that was kept secret. The waves of revelations coming from not only the Hollywood entertainment business, but other industries as well are of tsunami proportions leading one to believe that the Weinsteins of...