The Bubble That Bursts; Thoughts on Recent Suicides

The Bubble That Bursts Thoughts on the tragic death of fashion icon Kate Spade BY GREG LAURIE A wave of sorrow swept the world last Tuesday, as our news outlets and social media timelines were filled with one gut-punching headline: Kate Spade, beloved fashion designer known for her bright and whimsical designs, committed suicide by hanging on Tuesday morning in her Manhattan home. Like everyone else, I found myself in complete shock. Amidst...

Evangelizing Brad Pitt and Other Celebrities: A True Story

One of the hardest mission fields on the planet is Hollywood. Unlike say a missionary in some distant jungle, you won’t meet a bunch of primitive savages that are out to stone or spear you for your faith. However, you will encounter opposition of another sort in Tinseltown. BY STEVE CHA This group is often characterized as the wealthy elite who are heavily trapped in a lifestyle of fame, money, and...