The Shocking Reasons Christians Have Lost Credibility in Today’s Culture

We’d like to say we were shocked, but the truth is, we were expecting the criticism. My friend and marketing expert Jonathan Bock and I were asking people on the street what they thought about “Christians.” BY PHIL COOKE AND JONATHAN BOCK The response? Hypocritical, judgmental, harsh, phony, insensitive, bigoted, and exclusive. Not exactly the “Fruit of the Spirit” the Bible describes as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness,...

Protestors, Patriots and Christians, Oh, My! TLA Stories of the Week

This is turning into quite a summer of discontent — and the dog days aren’t technically even here, yet! TogetherLA.net continues to look for stories that shed light on where God is in all of this, from America’s immigration policy to its celebration of Fourth of July. TLA Stories of the Week is a conversation about the articles most recently published as shared by its editor via video, including on Facebook LIVE (see below)...