God Moving In Los Angeles: A Conversation Worth Having

In what began as a conversation about the movement of God in the City of Angels a few years ago in the form of a three-day conference continued last summer in a panel discussion with four pastors from four corners of the county. And in light of all that’s transpired over the last three years, with God still on the throne, it’s important to continue that conversation. BY ALEX MURASHKO Los...

The Art of Prayer: How Important Are Conversations With God?

Prayer is one of the most important practices of the Christian. It is the means by which a believer communicates with and fosters an active relationship with God. BY STEVE CHA PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE A life of weak prayer is usually indicative of a life of weak spirituality. This is why prayer must be a strong part of every Christian’s life. For the non-believer, it is essential as well. For it is the...

Want to Change the World? Start Here

Quite frankly, we live in a world plagued by ignorance. Hear me out. BY COLE PARRISH I don’t use this terminology to insult or offend anyone, but rather to signify a lack of awareness and understanding. Personally, I’ve always struggled with ignorance because I’ve been too concerned with being right. In fact, this is an ongoing struggle. My tendency is to assume my perspective is correct, my experience is the only...