God To Legalists: ‘You don’t love me or each other as you did at first’

Sadly, there are evangelical Christian churches that have good doctrine and are passionate about evangelism, but fall into overbearing legalism. This results in a church culture that is rigid, strict, and lacking in grace, patience, and tolerance. The end result is that they become like the Ephesus church in Revelation 2:1-7. BY STEVE CHA PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE Editor’s Note: This article is the last of a two-part series on “Is Your Church Guilty...

Hot Button: Has ‘Evangelical’ Become a Dirty Word?

We can’t really blame Donald Trump and Roy Moore for pushing Evangelical Christians off the cliff, or can we? The question is part of the discussion that’s trending (and I don’t mean in a Santa video kind of way) right now. In an opinion piece posted at The Washington Post last week, Eugene Scott wrote that after Roy Moore lost Alabama’s special Senate election, “despite running a campaign on what...