Santa Fe High School Shooting: Evil Begins in the Mind

When we see “senseless” acts of murder like the one we saw on Friday at Santa Fe High School we have to remember that a process of thought actually made “sense” of this to the one doing the murdering. That is where evil begins – in the mind. A lie regarding how to best resolve an inner dilemma is considered, accepted, internalized and acted upon. BY KENNY LUCK In this case,...

‘A Witch’s Encounter With God’ A True Story About Escaping Darkness

Editor’s Note: Los Angeles is home to arguably the largest number of spiritual seekers in the world. After all, doesn’t it make sense that the destination city for so many people looking to fulfill their dreams could easily translate into dreamers seeking to find the meaning of life? Witchcraft, for example, resides in LA where many self-professing witches and wiccans call home. A “Los Angeles Pagans and Witches Network”...