Conflict of Interest? 5 Scientists Who Believe In God

Do scientists believe in God? Can science and religion live in unity? BY BILLY HALLOWELL These are key questions that continue to be asked in an era in which these two essential arenas are often positioned as being in eternal conflict. Reality, though, paints a very different picture. The two, in fact, go hand-in-hand, with many scientists embracing a belief in God — and some even openly embracing the Christian...

Top 5 Reasons We Can Trust Genesis 1 thru 11 as History Not Fiction

The historicity of Genesis 1-11 is often debated by secularists, which in turn has influenced the thinking of many evangelicals since the early 20th century. BY STEVE CHA There are two predominant views concerning evolution: Atheistic Evolution: An impersonal and unknowable force brought about life through a multi-billion year evolution process. This view is held by atheists, agnostics, and people who adhere to non-theistic philosophies. Theistic Evolution: A personal force (God) brought about life through...