Storytelling and Life: When It’s Time To ‘Kill Your Darlings’

Good storytelling sometimes requires the author to, as the industry saying goes, kill your darlings. BY SPENCER T FOLMAR I love this brutal expression. It is means that we have to get rid of our most precious, and especially self-indulgent, passages in a story for the greater good of the overall work. It is true for all storytellers, who in order to have the very best narrative, must sometimes cut away...

God Doesn’t Waste Anything, Especially Our Stories

God doesn’t waste anything. Humans waste a lot of things. Just look at our landfills and literal islands of garbage floating in the oceans. BY SPENCER T. FOLMAR But God, He doesn’t waste anything, especially our stories. Despite all of the devastating effects of the fall of mankind and the curse of sin on all facets of life and creation, God is still managing, dictating, and perfectly planning our paths. The Puritans...

168 Film Project Grand Prize Fully Funded Feature Film

BURBANK, Calif. — The 168 Film Project, an annual short filmmaking competition in it’s 15th year, announces that the grand prize this year will be an independent feature film budget, for the winning filmmaker to make a feature film. Contest entry registration is open through May 11, and completed short films are due on June 2. Named ‘8168’, the grand prize title refers to the number of hours projected to complete...