Summer Reading: TLA Stories of the Week

Our weekly summary of must-read stories at TogetherLA.net. [July 18, 2018] ‘Won’t You Be My Neighbor’ Reminds Us That All Lives Matter BY JON GARCIA In a world where kindness toward our neighbors is severely lacking, Fred Rogers — Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood — is a reminder that everyone deserves to be loved. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? is a documentary recently released about the life of Rogers. The film chronicles his life and...

Top 5 Reasons We Can Trust Genesis 1 thru 11 as History Not Fiction

The historicity of Genesis 1-11 is often debated by secularists, which in turn has influenced the thinking of many evangelicals since the early 20th century. BY STEVE CHA There are two predominant views concerning evolution: Atheistic Evolution: An impersonal and unknowable force brought about life through a multi-billion year evolution process. This view is held by atheists, agnostics, and people who adhere to non-theistic philosophies. Theistic Evolution: A personal force (God) brought about life through...

Marketplace Event – God’s Work and Our Work

The Nature of Work We all desire for our work to be meaningful and “count” in the big picture. But we lack that sense of how our daily lives directly connect to higher purposes. Sometimes we wonder if our daily work is fulfilling a calling or passion in who we are created to be. In August we explore the truth that everyone is created “in God’s image” and that this...