Soul Winning Made Simple

The word evangelism can conjure up a variety of images and thoughts ranging from world missions to flashy televangelists. Many faithful church members would answer, “Evangelism? Oh, that’s something our preacher does on Sunday morning.” BY DUDLEY RUTHERFORD Well, yes . . . and no. Many years ago I heard one of the greatest definitions of evangelism, and to this day it has stuck with me: evangelism is nothing more than mouth-to-ear...

Do Angels Take Selfies? In Search of Good News Stories in LA

In the city of dreams, both the broken and fulfilled kind, egos are often a problem. Sometimes, it seems like all of Los Angeles is shouting, “Look at me!” But is it ever perfectly okay to be selfie-centric? Maybe we need to ask, “When should we point everyone in our direction? Is it ever OK?” Do angels take selfies? I include myself among Los Angelenos because even though I currently live in...

Evangelical Pastors, Leaders Come Together to Call Christians to Make 2017 ‘The Year of Good News’

‘We commit to preach louder than our nation’s politics, and we aim to make the message of Jesus Christ transcend the monopoly of our media.’   RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A cross-denominational group of some of America’s most influential Evangelical pastors and leaders has come together to call Christians to make 2017 “The Year of Good News.” Pastor and Harvest Crusades founder Greg Laurie—who organized the letter—is joined by Evangelist Rev. Franklin Graham,...