Families Belong Together Rally Missing Christians?

It seemed like every people group imaginable showed up to support the #FamiliesBelongTogether march in Downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (6/30/18) — except for Christians. BY JON GARCIA Tens of thousands of people crowded the steps of City Hall as they chanted, sang songs, and held signs in display of solidarity against the separation of migrant children from their undocumented parents. The incidents of such action at the nation’s southern border...

What Does The Bible Teach About Church and Politics?

The church’s involvement with politics and culture has always been a subject of debate. Some believe that the church should totally refrain from politics, practicing faith quietly and being a gospel influence in predominantly social circles. Others believe that the church should infiltrate politics and culture in an attempt to “Christianize” the society as much as possible. BY STEVE CHA ONE IN A SERIES: HOW WOULD JESUS VOTE? In an attempt to answer...